Natural Brazilian Brindle Cowhide - 6'5" x 7'5'

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Our 100% Natural Brazilian Cowhides are the very best available in Luxury Hair on Hide. Each hide is hand selected by our owner, still to this day, after almost 30 years! This sets us above the rest and ensures your new hide is unmatched in beauty and quality.

    Additional Sizes Available:

    • Approximate sizes   M:   6' x 6'    L: 6' x 7.5'    XL:    6.5' x 7.5'


    The beauty and allure of buying Cowhides is that they are exquisitely unique products of nature and no two are exactly alike. As a result of the inherent qualities of a natural product, there may be variations which include but are not limited to- size, color, texture, hair length, pattern, patches and branding. These natural variations are what make your hide truly one-of-a-kind as only Mother Nature can produce!