Linear Outdoor Candle

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The Linear is the perfect centerpiece on a long rectangular table.  Suitable for the outdoors, but can also be used indoors.

Dimensions: 22.5" long, 7.5" deep and 6" tall.

Priced as a scented candle.  If interested in the Lovinflame, contact us at


Available as a candle or with a 3" Lovinflame fuel burner utilizes a durable burner which can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Lovinflame fuel is a safe, non-combustionable and water-soluble. The fuel used is water-soluble and ethanol-free with a high flash point of 104 ºC / 220 ºF, igniting when paired with burner. 

∙ Clean-burning – releases water vapor and CO2
∙ Safely burns with minimal emissions
∙ Non-toxic source, can be easily disposed with household goods
∙ Not a DOT (Department of Transportation) controlled material